Professional Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment

When your business relies on food preparation, you need a kitchen that is fully functioning to ensure day to day operations stay on track.

With specialized kitchen and restaurant HVAC services, Colorado Custom Service can keep your restaurant running properly to keep your employees and customers coming back for more

Colorado Custom Service have years of experience diagnosing, repairing and maintaining commercial restaurant equipment including:

• Commercial Dishwasher Repair
• Commercial Dishwasher Service
• Commercial Refrigeration
• Commercial Refrigeration Repair
• Commercial Refrigeration Service
• Commercial Stove Repair

If you have been searching for a Commercial HVAC contractor that can handle your kitchen appliance service then look no further than Colorado Custom Service of Denver, CO. We can handle your kitchen appliance big or small and also offer 24/7 service to make sure your restaurant, hotel and bar is ready for opening. Call us today to schedule your appointment.