Bring Your Electrical Needs to Colorado Custom Service

We’ll zap the problems in your Colorado home or business

When there are electrical issues in your home or business, the last thing you want to do is attempt a DIY fix and make the problem worse. Not only are you risking your own safety, you’re also putting your home or business in danger. Don’t cause more damage with shoddy repair work – call the electricians at Colorado Custom Service in Westminster.

Schedule your first appointment when you need help with a variety of problems, including:

• Faulty wiring
• Outlet installation
• Switch installation
• Panel installation
• Custom electrical installation

For the past 10 years, our family owned and operated business has been helping Westminster residents by offering superior electrical repair services and unmatched customer care. Besides fixing problems with your residential or commercial wiring, we can also manage your HVAC or plumbing repair project.

If you’re tired of dealing with the electrical issues in your home or business, setup your initial consultation with Colorado Custom Service in Westminster by calling us today!